Swatches for all products excluding dog coats & waistcoat harness

Studio Session-221-2.jpg

Multi Coloured Paw Prints

Studio Session-224-3.jpg

Dogs in Clothes

Studio Session-201-3.jpg

Scruffy Dogs Beige

Studio Session-223-3.jpg

Multi Dogs Grey

Studio Session-211-3.jpg

Multi Breed of Puppies

Studio Session-214-3.jpg

Multi Dogs Beige

Studio Session-197-2.jpg

Beagles Beige

Studio Session-204-3.jpg

Multi Dogs Blue

Studio Session-202-3.jpg

Laughing Dogs

Studio Session-222-2.jpg

Black Paw Prints Red

Studio Session-216-3.jpg

Scottie Dogs

Studio Session-219-3.jpg

Spaceships and Space

Studio Session-205-3.jpg

Riley Blake Spots

Studio Session-209-4.jpg

Riley Blake Flowers

Studio Session-217-3.jpg

Bischon Fraise

Studio Session-018-3.jpg

Dog's Life

Studio Session-213-4.jpg

Teal & White Polka Dot

Studio Session-220-2.jpg

Red & White Polka Dots

Studio Session-212-3.jpg

Blue & White Polka Dots

Studio Session-138-3.jpg


Studio Session-045-3.jpg

Recycled Denim

Studio Session-189-2.jpg

Beagles Navy

Studio Session-213-pink .JPG

Pink & White Polka Dots

Studio Session-192.jpg

Scruffy Dogs Blue

Multi colour paw prints

Studio Session-208-3.jpg

Dogs in Hats & Glasses

Multi colour paw prints

Studio Session-194.jpg

French Bulldogs

Swatches for Dog Coats

Studio Session-245-2.jpg

Waterproof Flowers

Studio Session-230-2.jpg
Studio Session-240-2.jpg

Waterproof Dinosaurs

Studio Session-228-2.jpg
Studio Session-222-2.jpg

Waterproof Black Pawprints

Studio Session-225-2.jpg
Studio Session-229-2.jpg

Waterproof Rain Clouds

Waterproof Red Tartan

Waterproof Thistles

Waterproof Pawprints

Swatches for waistcoat harness

Studio Session-163-2.jpg
Studio Session-156.jpg

Blue Wool  with Fleck 

Grey Check Suiting

Studio Session-248-2.jpg

Pink Check Boucle

Studio Session-230-2.jpg

Red Tartan